Slade House – David Mitchell

IMG_0369Slade House was our read for the March meeting of the book club and one in which our reactions differed from strange to horrible!  I think we decided on just plain old spooky in the end and after our discussions, those members that didn’t complete the book, wished they had!

The story centred around the Slade House, a house that only appeared to the ‘engifted’ and one in which the infamous Grayer twins resided, using the souls of the ‘engifted’ visitors in order to live any life they choose again and again.  The twins where definitely self-absorbed individuals with Nora being the more dominant of the pair.  There seemed no rhyme or reason as to why they killed and we discussed the fact that they seemed to enjoy the endless killing, being cold and calculated in their methods.

The back story of the twins was a particularly part of the book that appealed to some members, although the ending was one in which we were in all agreement that we didn’t like.

David’s principal of writing this book, began on twitter and later transferred to five short stories, which collectively became Slade House.  A few times we were duped in hoping that the ‘engifted’ would escape, in particularly when Freya visited, but alas it wasn’t to be, giving comparisons to ‘Tales of the Unexpected’.

We were also intrigued as to whether the paranormal terms used in the novel where ones that did exist or did the author invent them?  After investigation it was found that lacuna and orison are terms used within the supernatural ideals.

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