The Cuckoo’s Calling – Robert Galbraith

img_0357The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith was the book choice for February and one of which most book members enjoyed and were not influenced by the fact this was JK Rowling in disguise!

Although the plot was complicated, it was incredibly well written and Rowling’s command of the English language was excellent.  The plot kept the reader guessing until the end, although a few thought the storyline at the end was a bit too tied up for their liking.  It held up as a crime novel and only enforced JK Rowling as an excellent story teller.

The book itself was split up into different parts/sections and we wondered if this is done to allow the reader to contemplate what’s happened.

The character of Cormeran was one in which the readers enjoyed his development from war veteran to detective.  Although this was a tad formalic, we decided most detectives have this flawed character.  It was also decided that there was a potential relationship that could be developed between Cormeran and his secretary.

Behavour seemed to be the key topic especially when the Myers Briggs test was discussed ( – if you want to try it for yourself).

Finally, the title of the book lead us to believe that perhaps this was because the main character was adopted (hence the cuckoo)  and does anyone read the quotes at the start?  The conclusion was these are better read after you’ve finished the book (and will make more sense!)



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