The Skeleton Road – Val McDermid

the-skeleton-roadNovember’s book club meeting, saw us discuss The Skeleton Road by Val McDermid, an enjoyable read on the surface, but one of which we thought was mis-marketed as a psychological thriller (we thought more of a murder mystery).

We definitely thought the author disliked men, as all the male characters were written quite harshly or met grisly ends.   The fact that Maggie didn’t report her husband missing, left all his belongings at home, but still paid money into their account, didn’t quite ring true.

We also disliked the cliché writing of the relationships and found it very Mills & Boon – we expected more than this!

What we did enjoy where the vivid images of the characters and places that the author conjured up.  In particular the Balkan wars were of great interest and showed the author’s skills at research.

We didn’t guess who the killer was and liked how this turned out to be a female.  The title of Skeleton Road, we thought was a good choice and epitomised  the book well.

Although we thought there were a few unnecessary characters, all in all we thought the book was okay.

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