The Slap

Dear All,

As I won’t be with you next Saturday, please find below discussion questions to aid the meeting, should you require them.  I have asked the library to open the room and put a copy of these questions in, as well as copies of the next book, The Bell Jar. Once finished, if you can take all books back down to the front desk.

1). Do you think there is any justification for slapping a child?
2) How does this compare to when you were young – where you slapped as a child?
3) How and why did the characters react differently to the incident?
4) Discuss the characters involved and their own lives- how does the parenting differ from each couple?
5) Do you think the narrative being told from each of the eight characters works?
6) What part do you think class and location has to play in the novel (the book has been described as a ‘middle classed suburban novel’)?
7) Do you think Gary and Rosie were right to press charges?
8) Are there any redeeming characters within the book?
9) What do you think the book says about Australian contemporary life?
10) Did your opinion change of any of the characters once you got to know them better?

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