The Rainbow (Part 2) – D.H. Lawrence

Our first meeting for 2016 saw the book club joined by guests from the D H Lawrence Society, who gave us a fascinating insight and provoked further discussion in the life of D H Lawrence.

We learnt that Lawrence contributed a huge amount of works to the literary world, more so than Dickens or Austen.  We also learnt that he was an accomplished painter and travel writer and wrote numerous academic papers, even though Lawrence himself never completed his University degree.

The Rainbow is viewed as Lawrence’s version of the book of Genesis (religion was something that Lawrence wrote about at great length).  Originally starting life as 2 books and showed us the social history of women, as well as dealing with class and the emergence of industrial England, something of which Lawrence dispised.

Lawrence was certainly not sensitive to others in his writing and upset many local families; to the extent where the Society still struggle to gain access to certain places depicted in Lawrence’s work.  His friendships also ran the gauntlet especially with local man Willie Hopkin and the infamous Bloomsbury Group.

He was someone who constantly ran away from something he would never find, but is someone that wrote at great length about a point in time that provides us with an incredible insight into that time in history.

Great thanks to the D H Lawrence Society for this wonderful discussion and for the documents that were provided to give us a more in depth understanding of The Rainbow and Lawrence as a writer.

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