The Shock Of The Fall – Nathan Filer

imageThe Shock of The Fall was October’s read for our meeting and one in which most of our members thought it fell a little short.

The narrative was found to be difficult to follow and the way in which the text was sometimes displayed, led to confusion and irritation.

The essence of the story about mental health, led to members feeling let down in that it could have gone into a lot more detail, which lead us into thinking if the book was written for a particular market in mind I.e young adult?

Little empathy was felt for the characters in fact the only character they felt anything for was Nanny Noo!  Members appreciated that it covered different ways of dealing with grief  but where left wanting something more and became quite frustrated as felt there was so much possibility for it to be excellent.

One quote in the book that we all agreed was quite poignant was ‘I guess there’s a used by date when it comes to blaming your parents how messed up you are’ and the acceptance of such, hopefully led to the healing of the main character.

An interesting read but didn’t quite hit the mark for many members.

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