The Fault In Our Stars – John Green

imageThe Fault In Our Stars was July’s read and one which provoked quite a lively discussion.  The opening line gave a mixed reaction, some disliked it, others liked it.  Some members commented that they felt the book was an intrusion into a young adults life.  Another member felt she went through three stages of reading; firstly it was a kids book, secondly it was uncomfortable reading and thirdly they handled what they were going through quite well.

Some members read it quicker and expressed amazement that both maths and Shakespeare were featured.  Although some thought it was very much a young adults book, I led a discussion about not being afraid of reading these sorts of books and feel very strongly that books should be for everyone not defined by age.

With cancer featuring quite heavily in the book, members felt quite disappointed that the cancer that Hazel had was made up and felt that there was no need to do this.   However the attitude of both of the main characters in dealing with cancer was commendable.

The title of the book ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ derived from the quote in Julius Caesar but one member thought it was from both of the characters dealing with philosophical statements but never joining up at constellations.

We considered the throwing eggs on the car incident and whether the concept of leaving someone with cancer was cowardly or responsible.  We also discussed the thread of humour that weaved throughout the book; the night of the broken trophies etc.

How believable was certain aspects of the novel especially Hazel’s visit to the Anne Frank’s house provoked a lively discussion especially one member considering the fact that teenagers are a force of nature and nothing appears to stop them for achieving what they want to do.

All in all, this was a book we all enjoyed in different ways, let’s hope next month’s read is equally as good!

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