Life After Life – Kate Atkinson

life-after-lifeLife After Life was May’s book club choice and one which got mixed reviews from the members that attended May’s meeting.

One member described the story like a set of Russian Dolls, with each doll representing threads of people’s lives.  We did wonder how the author wrote this?   Was every part written separately and then pieced together?

One member did comment that they preferred her crime novels and that this novel was a tad over indulgent due to her success as a writer.  Other members also commented that the novel was way too long and that many gave up due to the nature of the book.

Interestingly this was compared to last month’s read of Perfect, with a member stating that Life After Life was much better written and not as clunky as last month’s read, where as another member found Perfect easier to read.

There were certain elements of Life After Life that were left up in the air.  Headaches were a reoccurring theme but never seemed to go anywhere.  Nancy’s murder seemed to be only briefly mentioned and Ursula’s connection with food was constantly mentioned but nothing became of it.

One member loved the layers of the story and the subtle interpretation, likening it to a sci-fi novel.  Whilst another member pondered whether Ursula had imagined the differing stories of her life due to her spending time in a sanitorium – did her brain fill in the gaps?

So, although not a loved book, it still generated a decent discussion for book club and members will be pleased to know that next month’s book is a lot shorter!




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