The Bookseller Of Kabul – Asne Seierstad

the booksellerThe Bookseller Of Kabul was our Christmas read and our first discussion of 2015.   This is one that provoked quite a lot of discussion about the different issues that were raised as a result of the journalist spending time with the Sultan and his family.  Although the book took on a novelistic approach, focusing on the characters and the daily issues that they face, the book was infact a non fiction work.

Our first question was the author or the Sultan naive to think that this would not provoke a reaction for the themes that are mentioned?  We think that the Sultan’s ego was probably stroked in order for him to agree for this insight into his life.  Unfortunately the Sultan is now seeking refuge as a result of the themes mentioned and has tried to sue the author, stating that she has defamed his family.

A lot of the members were surprised with the book and found the information about the Taliban educational and fascinating as it was something that they had not read previously.  The poems written by the Sultan’s wifes were also pointed out as being very poignant.  A lot of us found the book to be awfully sad that things still remain the same in terms of the eduction and religious aspects.

All in all we found this fascinating and a few have said that they will continue to read the author’s other works.

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