The Roots Of The Tree by Amanda Roberts

RootsTree_jacketThe Roots Of The Tree by Amanda Roberts was our October read for book club and one that only one book member enjoyed!  We all agreed that underneath there was signs of an interesting story but the execution of words to tell this was inadequate.  Some members felt quite strongly that this was badly written and that the dialogue was trite.  The story was full of clichés and over dramatic in places.

We formed no attachment to the characters and thought they lacked depth – we didn’t feel that the author felt the emotion of the character and there was little visualisation conjured up from the writing.

We then considered how it would need to be changed in order to make it better and discussed the whole published versus self published, with one member adding that she had read a self published book recently that she would rate much higher than this one.

In all we concluded that this would work better as a series in a woman’s magazine and was one of which, unfortunately we would not recommend.

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