Theodore Boone By John Grisham

TheodoreTheodore Boone was this month’s read and one that was chosen from World Book Night.  What did we think?  Definitely an adolescent read, with not much of a crossover like some of the other YA reads that we’ve covered.   This book has been compared to Nancy Drew by critics and being a fan of ND as a child, I’m not sure that this would have appealed to me at that age.

Certainly this was considered a simple read with the author developing a more complex plot in his ‘adult’ books but for those that had read his books previously, certainly there were similarities especially with the ending that just seemed to drift away and serve no purpose.

Most of the characters were found to be shallow and in particular, Theo was found to be quite annoying.  However, we did discuss the theory that the author had deliberately left the characters a little shallow in order for you to develop your own imagination about them.

Quite strangely, the author doesn’t feature these books on his main website, instead dedicates them to a more child friendly website, so the market is definitely aimed at children.

We also discussed the World Book Night premise; this book was deliberately chosen to encourage people to read that don’t normally choose to do so and it is not for avid readers, hence the simplicity of the book.

The books will be passed on to encourage people to read!


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