Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn

gonegirlhighres_442110cGone Girl by Gillian Flynn was the book for discussion at February’s meeting and although we only had a few members in attendance, we still managed to have a good discussion about this book!

A member that had already read the book previously had stated that she couldn’t put it down and we all agreed that there definitely was something about the plot/writing that made you want to turn the page.

At the forefront of our discussions was the main character’s of Nick and Amy.  We were all in  agreement that we didn’t like either of the characters and most of us said that they deserved each other.  Amy definitely had a perverted mind in the way that she had manipulated situations since she was a small child.  Evidently she couldn’t live up to the ‘Amazing Amy’ tag and at one stage we led to a discussion on if we would class Amy as mentally ill/bi-polar?

The other characters we got a little confused with and also the whole diary writing of Amy had she written this real time or infact just wrote it in the space of a few weeks and made it look real time with the changing colours of pens?  Either way, it seemed that Amy was always ten steps ahead of everyone else until she ran away and her money was stolen and then she ended up living with her childhood friend that was a little obsessed with her, all of which she had not factored into her original plan.

Was Amy confusing her Father In Law as he seemed to turn up and want to get rid of her, even though she was officially ‘missing’.

The whole treasure hunt clues that Amy left for Nick was also a little strange and something of which we likened to the 70’s quiz show 321!

All in all, we enjoyed this particular book and one member described it as a definintely ‘twice read’ book!

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