A Tiny Bit Marvellous By Dawn French

a tinyA Tiny Bit Marvellous was the book choice for this month’s book club and considering none of us enjoyed it very much, we certainly found a lot to discuss!  Tedious, reading drivel and absolute crap where some of the first comments to be made!  Most of us thought the language uttered by the daughter character was awful and not realistic behaviour for someone of that age – quite immature.  Her brother, meanwhile we thought was an exaggerated Adrian Mole, too eccentric to be believable, however his ruffles and pearls certainly did raise a smile!

The mother character obviously didn’t put her training into practice with her own family but one member did note that the fact that she was destined to have an affair was believable, as she just wanted someone to treat her better than her own family did.

The Father character only came through at the end.  Most probably because he was always in the background; a silent family member and it wasn’t until he came forward to beat up the ‘X Man’ character that the family truly understand his worth and his place within the family.  We did question the fight – was this realistic or would someone just call the police if they knew of an alleged paedophile?

One book member stated that there was a book in there somewhere and we did question if it would have been better written in the third person as apposed to the first person, going from character to character.  However, was Dawn French’s writing style more suited to TV shows, where the characters would be over exaggerated and her humour that was allegedly present within the book related to her previous TV shows and bared no relation to today’s society.

Finally, the recipes at the end of the book???  One member’s answer was that it made you feel part of the family – I’m not quite sure!

Certainly not a book we would re-read!

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