Pride & Prejudice By Jane Austen


Pride and Prejudice became our next book club read and another one that had mixed reviews!   A few of us didn’t finish it, but others saw it as a satirical ideal of those times.  The book was always meant to be a tongue in cheek interpretation of society but most members found it hard going.

The story centres around the Bennet sisters and their aspirations to be part of the lifestyle that evolves around them.  They are born to wed and the richer the husband the better.   Another example of the wit interweaved into the book is when possible suitors are ranked by their income – how would anyone be aware of how much money they had, other than to purely speculate?

We questioned the individual personalities of the Bennet sisters and it was agreed that they were sufficiently different to tell them apart but not outrageously so.  The character of Darcy also came in to question – why was he considered such a romantic hero, when he appears to be so pompous and arrogant?  Was it more the visual interpretation of the character that we have grown to love and not necessarily the written version?

All in all, it was agreed that most enjoyed the novelty of the book and the fact the characters were so polite and respectful to one another and still not as bad as Thomas Hardy!

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