If No-one Speaks Of Remarkable Things By Jon McGregor

if_nobody_speaksI wasn’t privy to the discussions that took place for this particular book,but the overall feedback was that everyone enjoyed it, with members recalling the profound effect of the line in the book ‘if no-one speaks of remarkable things…’ and also suggesting that they may purchase their own copies of the book.

Below is a copy of a review from Jon’s website:-

This, by Erica Wagner in The Times, was the first published review of If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things. It’s no longer available online, so we’re quoting it here at some length:

“McGregor takes his time. This novel owes as much to poetry as it does to prose. Its opening, an invocation of the life of the city, is strongly reminiscent of Auden’s Night Mail in its hypnotic portrait of industrialised society: here are ‘Sung sirens, sliding through the streets, streaking blue light from distress to distress, the slow wail weaving urgency through the darkest of the dark hours..’ The writing in the rest of the novel moves from moment to moment in a way that recalls To The Lighthouse or Mrs Dalloway: it charts with confidence and subtlety the slight shifts of emotion that can change relationships with seismic force… If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things is a dream of a novel. It has the slow-motion hyperclarity of the images that fill our heads in sleep; its liquid prose is precise enough to draw time nearly to a stop, to stretch out moments and describe the spaces between them. It is a novel that is “about” hardly anything at all, and in this very modesty its ambition is revealed.”

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