Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh

Brideshead PhotoBrideshead Revisited was our October read and another mixed bag in terms of people either liking or couldn’t get in to it.   One member thought it was a jolly good read, whilst another commented it that it wasn’t a true picture of the times and in places was over romanticised.

One member commented that they didn’t engage with the book.  I read this a little while ago and thought I’d enjoyed it but when it came to read it for book club, I really struggled in getting through it.

A few members thought the characters tended to be encapsulated in their own world.  One point that I raised was the fact that the Mother and Father were living separately and would this have happened in that time – surely they would have still been living under one roof for appearances sake?  Most thought that this happened quite a lot and was not unusual.

The underlying thread of catholicism ran through the book and also the hint of homosexuality, however this didn’t spoil the story line in any shape and form and the characters were fairly complexed and sturdy enough to stand upto this.

Mixed reviews on this one, but again one that members thought that they wouldn’t have picked up otherwise.

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