The Shadow Of The Wind By Carlos Ruiz Zafon

This one will be a short but sweet review as we only had a total of 5 people, including myself attend this month’s book club, 2 of which didn’t finish the book and one of which was a new member and didn’t get chance to read it!   Apart from those that didn’t, the rest of the people either loved it or thought that it was okay.  One of the reasons behind why it wasn’t finished was the fact that the foreign names seemed to put them off from following the story and also that it was quite contrived and too far removed from reality.   It was suggested that perhaps the story had been lost somewhat in translation.

One of the reasons that I didn’t finish it (and I think this is the only book in book club history that I haven’t!) was because I kept trying to read it in quite small chunks and then when I picked it up again, had lost my thread.  It was suggested that this is a book where it has to be read in big chunks to pick up the momentum.  The one book club member that loved it, commented on the fact that they loved disjointed and dark books and this seemed to fit in the next category!

I’ve already read next month’s book club read, so hopefully will be a bigger discussion/review next month!

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