All The Colours Of Darkness By Peter Robinson

All The Colours Of Darkness was the second crime novel covered by the book club and one that most didn’t prefer to the last one that we covered (Case Histories).  The story was felt too far fetched and as this had characters that were featured in previous books, we felt that the author assumed that we knew the past history.  As a standalone book we felt this didn’t work and that it was best to read the books in the order that they were written (was this a trick of the publishers to make you purchase more?)

In general most members enjoyed crime as a genre, although they felt the characters of this particular novel a little stereo typical and the plot followed the same system.  It also puzzled us why the author gave the character of Banks such a detailed taste in music – it felt like the author was name dropping various musicians.

We also felt that the ending was a bit disappointing – definitely a cop out and that Ian Rankin had more memorable characters.


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