While My Sister Sleeps By Barbara Delinsky

While My Sister Sleeps by Barbara Delinsky was February’s book club read and one that we decided was an okay read but instantly forgettable with most of us struggling to remember what it was about.  However, once we started to discuss the book, memories starting to flood back.

One member thought it was obviously written to  a system, following a certain pattern and you could almost visualise the author ticking each box once she had fulfilled a certain aspect of the story.  The characters we felt were a little contrived and very stereo typical and the author didn’t really push the characters or make you understand what was going on under the surface.  The sisters relationship just didn’t seem to make sense and the notion of finding the diary was all a little contrived.

The subject matter of a girl being a coma and the family around her having to make life changing decisions was an incredibly emotive subject matter, however the narrative was definitely not gut wrenching and was definitely a made for tv script.  The narrative on a whole we found was emotionless and the author didn’t realise the potential – definitely too many issues but not enough depth.

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