Sister by Rosamund Lupton

Sister by Rosamund Lupton was this month’s chosen book to discuss.  It proved to have an instant reaction with most members saying they read it in one go, as they couldn’t put it down, however there were the odd few who couldn’t get to grips with the novel and were disappointed that it didn’t live up to expectations.

One of the earlier comments in reference to the book was whether a sister actually ever existed or was it just in Beatrice’s imagination? 

Pushing that thought aside we then dealt with the different personalities of the two sisters.  Tess we decided was more emotionally grown up and even though Beatrice changes throughout the novel and loses her hard edge, she still has an attachment problem, relating to her being the elder sister.

We then looked at the different relationships in the book.  Beatrice has a good relationship with Kasia, the Polish girl and also the man who lived upstairs but had difficulties sustaining a solid relationship with her Mother.   Most of the characters in the novel, we felt, had their own agenda and none were connected with one another.

The sub plot of the drugs trail and how the results were doctored was very realistic and some of the imaginary portrayed such as having a hand bag equipped to cope with grief was extremely poignant.

One question raised was why Beatrice chose to live in a flat that was well below her standards and work a menial job.  We felt that this was the only way that Beatrice could feel close to her sister and know what her life would have been like.  I did wonder at one point if Beatrice was working herself up to die in order to meet her sister.

The death of Tess early on in the novel completely fooled a few people, as most felt that the book would be solely about the search for her.  The ‘shock’ twist was also not such a shock and a few people had guessed what had happened.

All in all, the members thoroughly enjoyed this book…except for me.

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