One Day by David Nicholls

‘Chick lit’ was the first description of this book that was discussed in one of our shortest book club meetings.  Stereo typed cliché characters was the second description, although one member did describe it as an easy read.  Most members felt that the praise given to this book was misleading.  Although no one hated this book, there was only one member that seemed to enjoy it.

The main complaint was that the characters of Dexter and Emma never seemed to get older, even though the book supposedly covered a twenty year span.   There was also a question raised about their love affair.  Most members felt that the book didn’t really portray a believable love affair between the two.  All their actions seemed somewhat contrived and not as natural as a couple in love should act.   Dexter was in many terms always searching for something better, which is why perhaps he didn’t push their love affair in the early stages of their relationship.  Emma on the overhand, treated Dexter as one of her projects.  The fact that they didn’t get it together until Dexter is at rock bottom seems to echo throughout her relationships in the book.

The humour in the book was sometimes funny other times strange.  The twins that invented the family game that Dexter takes part in, were quite odd. 

How the author wrote the novel in the style of a student type mentality grated on a lot of members, with one member describing it like an episode of ‘The Word’.

The whole concept of the one day theme was a clever idea, however we felt that it got lost somewhere in the book and you could be mistaken in forgetting the original premise.

Most members gave this book an average score or 2.5 out of 5 – lets hope we have more luck with the next one we read!

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